Third International Workshop
on the
Analysis of Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Images

2005 Presentations

The exceptional presentations given at the Conference were so interesting and educational that we were repeatedly asked for copies. Click here to view a sample of the poster presentations. This particular poster was prepared by Seung Ho Lee of the Korea Forest Research Institute. All oral presentations, including those by our invited speakers, are provided below for downloading.
WARNING: These files are very large in size.


Admiral Thomas Donaldson, NASA SSC, An Introduction to our Work at Stennis Space Center

Admiral Conrad Lautenbacher, NOAA, The Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS): Policy and Technical Perspectives
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Ron Birk, NASA Applied Sciences Program, Extending NASA Earth-Sun System Research Results to Serve GEOSS Societal Benefits
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John Townshend, University of Maryland, GEOSS Challenges in Satisfying Terrestrial Observational Needs
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Milne Change Detection Analysis in Wetlands Using JERS-1 Radar Data: Tonle Sap Great Lake, Cambodia

Zourarakis Forward Change Detection 2000 - 2004: Urban Sprawl And Imperviousness in Lexington, KY

Aten Lake Eutrophication Change Detection for the Management of Water Resources

van den Bergh A Multi temporal Approach to Fire Detection using MSG Data

Butson Mapping Land Cover Change and Terrestrial Dynamics Over Northern Canada Using Multi-Temporal LandSat Imagery

Reed Trend Analysis of Time-Series Phenology Derived from Satellite Data

Nielsen Multi- and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Change Detection with Generalized Difference Images by the IR-MAD Method


Lunetta Land-Cover Characterization and Change Detection Using Multi-temporal MODIS NDVI Data

Lecerf Monitoring Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Oceanic and Fragmented Landscapes with Reconstructed MODIS Time Series

Miller Using Multi-Temporal MODIS 250 m Data to Calibrate and Validate a Sediment Transport Model for Environmental Monitoring of Coastal Waters

Rangoonwala Remote Sensing Methods for Mapping the Onset and Progression of Spartina Alterniflora Marsh Dieback in Coastal Louisiana

Burkhalter The Coastal Change Analysis Program: Mapping Change and Monitoring Change Trends in the Coastal Zone

Huseby Alignment of Growth Seasons from Satellite Data

Ledrew The Application of the Getis Statistic to High Resolution Imagery to Detect Change in the Spatial Structure of Submerged Tropical Corals Between Image Dates

Aurdal Use of Hidden Markov Models and Phenology for Multitemporal Satellite Image Classification: Applications to Mountain Vegetation Classification

Liu Classifying Multi-temporal LandSat TM Imagery Using Markov Random Fields and Support Vector Machines


Goodenough Evaluation of Multi-Temporal ASAR for Boreal Forests in Hinton

Collins Multitemporal Analysis of LandSat Data to Determine Forest Age Classes for the Mississippi Statewide Forest Inventory - Preliminary Results

Moskal Temporal Signatures and Harmonic Analysis of Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances of Forested Landscapes: A Case Study in the Yellowstone Region
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Roberts Mountain Pine Beetle Detection and Monitoring: Replication Trials for Early Detection

Kovacs Detecting Siberian Silk Moth Damage in Central Siberia Using Multi-Temporal MODIS data

Cooke Assessment of Current Field Plots and LiDAR 'Virtual' Plots as Guides to Classification Procedures for Multitemporal Analysis of Historic and Current LandSat Data for Determining Forest Age Classes

Song Improving Automated Detection of Land Cover Change for Large Areas Using LandSat Data

Shore Selection of Multi-Temporal Scenes for the Mississippi Cropland Data Layer, 2004

Ryan Crop Surveillance Demonstration Using a Near-Daily MODIS Vegetation Index Time Series
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Sharma Hyper-Temporal Radarsat SAR Data of a Forested Terrain
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Bovolo A Wavelet-Based Change-Detection Technique for Multitemporal SAR Images

O'Hara Use and Analysis of Temporal Map Algebra for Vegetation Index Compositing

Bruce Denoising and Wavelet-Based Feature Extraction of MODIS Multi-Temporal Vegetation Signatures

Plaza Automatic Image Registration Using Morphological Region of Interest Feature Extraction

Walsworth Testing of Two Date Change Detection Using a Modified Enhancement Classification Method
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Tilton Monitoring Change Through Hierarchical Segmentation of Remotely Sensed Image Data

Pagnutti Atmospheric Correction of High-Spatial-Resolution Commercial Satellite Imagery Products Using MODIS Atmospheric Products

Riishojgaard High-Latitude Winds From Molniya Orbit: A Mission Concept For NASA's Earth System Science Pathfinder Program
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van Aardt Development of Indicators of Burning Efficiency Based on Time Series of SPOT VEGETATION Data
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